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here, you can keep up with binge artists, find out how to contact them, preview some artwork, and listen to our playlists!


check out our resident music babe, arden spehar, on spotify! 
here are the two playlists she made just for issue 05 of binge:)

arden spehar.JPG

arden spehar

orlando, fl



stalk our instagram! here we post previews of pieces that will be featured in upcoming issues. check out some of our new artists!

annaleah gregoire.jpeg

annaleah gregoire

greenfield, ma


oswaldo cepeda.jpg

oswaldo cepeda

san diego, ca


olga kornilova.JPG

olga kornilova



franklin ugochukwu.jpeg

franklin ugochuckwu




anja kotar.JPG
sarah peart.JPG
abby barnett.jpg
gabi fatigati.jpeg
ella greenwood.png


Currently located in Los Angeles, California., Anja Kotar is a Slovenian pop artist with a biting voice. With over 22 thousand followers on Instagram, Anja shares honest Q&As, original fashion designs, her creative and relatable TikToks, covers of her own personal favorite songs, and of course, regular updates on her incredibly promising music career. Anja's newest song, titled "MOVIE," was released on March 26. She also released a stunning music video on April 29 to go along with her beautiful new song. "MOVIE" was featured on Vevo's Incoming Pop playlist in early May. Anja made an appearance in Issue 02 of Binge Magazine for a four-page interview, which was released on October 1, 2020.  


Sarah Peart is an Australian makeup artist based in Melbourne. She contributed to Issue 02 of Binge Magazine by staging a photoshoot with an incredibly talented team of artists. She acted as the makeup artist, hair stylist, and creative director of the "Euphoria" shoot. Sarah is an 18 year-old MAC certified makeup artist with over 4,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares amazing looks she creates on herself and others, along with images from her stunning photoshoots. Sarah recently became a part of the MAC Pro Store team in Melbourne, Australia.    


Abby Barnett is a photographer based in Leeds. She currently attends Leeds Arts University and is studying Fashion Photography. Abby's work has been featured in both Issue 01 and Issue 03 of Binge Magazine, and she has since started her own custom clothing company, Custom 26. Abby released a new collection inspired by Zodiac Tarot Cards in early May that highlights Abby's photography and drawing capabilities.  This unique and phenomenal collection was shot, modeled, styled, and illustrated by Abby herself. 


Gabriella Fatigati is a Florida-born photographer currently attending Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. She began taking photos in September of 2016 and has since amassed over 4,300 followers between her two Instagram accounts, where she posts her original photography, modeling photos, and personal pictures, along with regular fashion updates. At RIT, Gabi continues to direct and photograph many shoots and shares her beautiful work with her followers. Gabi has recently shared some stunning shoots as she has wrapped up her semester at RIT. 


Earlier this year HÅN released "CTR" and had the opportunity to perform virtually for over 328,000 people through SXSW 2021 in March. HÅN is an Italian musician with a dreamy pop sound and an ethereal voice. HÅN has amassed over 76,000 monthly listeners as a verified artist on Spotify. The lyrics to HÅN's single "Jenny" were featured in Issue 02, along with a personal recollection. HÅN has 2 released EP's and numerous singles available on your well-known streaming platforms. HÅN most recently released a single titled "sonic96" on June 9 just after signing to Sony Music. 


Ella Greenwood is an actress, director, screenwriter, and mental health advocate. She was interviewed for Issue 03 of Binge Magazine and discussed the importance of good mental health, her filmmaking process, and her work with the organization stem4. Her most popular film is entitled Faulty Roots, and her redefinition of the words role model are impressive coming from anyone, especially a 20-year-old. She has amassed almost 20 thousand followers on Instagram, where she shares behind the scenes of her productions and films. In April Ella was announced as one of the world's top entrepreneurs on FORBES 30 UNDER 30 List, as the youngest founder featured. Ella just released the cast to her upcoming film, "Better Get Better," which is currently being shot and directed by Ella. 

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