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Binge Magazine was founded by Amelia Raden in March 2020 as a creative outlet for young artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Binge Magazine strives to provide not only a spotlight for these artists to showcase their work, but also a community in which they can feel comfortable and confident through both their work and the work of others.


(frequently asked questions)

How do I submit to Binge Magazine?

You can submit your work to binge by visiting our Submit Page here!

Do I have to pay a submission fee?

No! Submitting your work to binge is completely, 100% free.

Is Binge Magazine a digital or print magazine?

Both! Binge Magazine can be found in print or PDF form.

What kind of work should I submit to Binge Magazine?

Anything and everything! For a complete list of what you can (and cannot) submit, please click here:)

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