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The Anniversary Issue

Issue 04 marks one year since Issue 01 was released on June 1, 2020. 

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p.s. just look how happy these girls are at their binge reading party:)


JUNE 01, 2021

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An Interview with Ego the Label

Winter Park-based fashion designers Selah and Eden discuss their 70s inspired brand, Ego the Label, and what it's like to start a business as a teenager.

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To learn more about Ego the Label, follow @egothelabl on Instagram!

Original Photography from Artists Around the World

Issue 04 of Binge Magazine contains work by photographers from nearly every continent.

Photo by Olga Kornilova

To view more of Olga's photos, visit on Instagram.

olga 3.jpg
arden 1.jpeg

Individualist Artwork from Artists with No Boundaries

Issue 04 of Binge Magazine includes work from dozens of artists with unique experiences that come together to form a single collective.

Artwork by Arden Spehar

To learn more about Arden, follow @ardenspehar on Instagram.


A Deep Dive into Vega Aeviternity

Clothing/Entertainment universe Vega Aeviternity discusses their journey to social media success and plans for the future.

Photography by Anne Fang

To learn more about Vega, follow @vega.a.a on Instagram!


An Analysis of New Musician Lisey Tigra

"Lisey Tigra is the turbulent and fervent medley of Plastic Hearts era Miley Cyrus and Ultraviolence era Lana Del Rey with a shadow of Lorde’s limitless mystique."

Article by Amelia Raden

To learn more about Lisey, visit 

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